ZAI is a non-profit initiative.

In April 2020 when Covid-19 was sweeping across the world, masks were in great shortage even for healthcare workers, and prices had increased 6 fold. Even if one could afford surgical masks or N95 masks, one could not be sure that they had procured genuine masks that filtered out viruses effectively. An engineer and clinician started exchanges via WhatsApp, brainstorming on best ways of sterilising masks. And thus, ZAI was borne.

ZAI's website was then launched on the 29th of June, 2020.



Mask On, Stay Safe.

We wanted a simple, low-cost, evidence-based scientifically supported method to sterilizing masks.

We wanted the mask sanitizer to be freely available, and not limited to laboratories, huge budgets or fancy machinery. 

We wanted a portable sanitizer and stress-free holder to store your mask in whilst it is being sterilized;

be it in your bag, or on your desk. 

We wanted it to allow for masks with different filtration efficacy;

be it the cloth, surgical or N95 mask.



The meaning behind our name and logo.

ZAI is proudly Singaporean. ZAI is a Singlish word derived from Hokkien, and means “steady, cool and calm in a stressful situation”.

The logo is inspired by the “On-Off” switch for the heat sterilisation process, and a play on the word “on”.  Keep your masks on, stay safe!

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