How to use ZAI.

ZAI is a portable and practical solution to drying and sanitizing non-woven and woven masks for reuse. While it is not certified as a medical device, it is designed based on peer-reviewed results from scientific clinical studies on dry sanitization of masks [1-3].


Checking on the components of ZAI.

Components of ZAI: 
USB heat mat (Figure 1a)
USB timer (Figure 1b)
Insulated pack (Figure 1c)
You are expected to use your own USB adapter or power bank which are not provided. 
NOTE: Please use a certified USB charger or power bank, such as those provided by your mobile phone manufacturers


Fitting your mask onto the mat.

Place your mask on the heat mat with the external surface in contact with the mat, then fold and place them into the insulated pack (Figure 2). We are not using the double-sided tape, so you need not remove the paper strip over the tape.


Plugging in.

Connect the timer to your USB charger or power bank (Figure 3). Then connect the USB cable from the mat to the timer (Figure 3). Finally, turn on your charger or power bank. It can also be powered from the USB port of your laptop, computer, and other electronic devices.


Powering on ZAI.

Press the power button on the timer once if you are using a surgical mask. The 45M LED indicator will light up. The heat treatment will be for 45 minutes.

Press the power button twice if you are using a N95 or cloth mask. The 60M LED indicator will light up. The heat treatment will be for 60 minutes.


Completion of sterilising.

When the pre-set time has lapsed, the heat treatment will stop automatically and the red LED indicator will turn off. The mask is now ready for your next use


Cleaning ZAI.

For routine cleaning, you can wipe down the surfaces of the insulated pack and the heat mat with anti-bacterial wipes. Note also that you should not heat up the folded mat without any mask in between as this may damage the mat. You should continue to wash your hand or use a hand sanitizer after handling a used mask. ZAI is personal; absolutely no sharing of ZAI. 


[1] Experimental research on safe and rapid regeneration of disposable medical masks, Journal of Microbiology and Infection online version, Fudan University Shanghai Medical College, February 9th 2020.

[2] Stability of SARS coronavirus in human specimens and environment and its sensitivity to heating and UV irradiation, Biomed Environ Sci, SARS Research Team, Institute for Viral Disease Control and Prevention, September 2003.

[3] Developing home-disinfection and filtration efficiency improvement methods for N95 respirators and surgical facial masks: stretching supplies and better protection during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Journal of the International Society for Respiratory Protection, Columbia University, 37(1), 2020.

Disclaimers: ZAI is not registered as a medical device. It is a lifestyle device and prototype to provide the necessary conditions for dry heat treatment of masks, according to results from clinical studies.


Conditions when a mask is better discarded than treated.

  • If your mask is past its expiry date.

  • If the mask is obviously soiled with dirt/ stains.

  • If the mask is likely to have a high load of bacteria/ virus, e.g. when the wearer of the mask or someone else sneezes or coughs into the mask or nearby.

  • After five heat sterilisations reuse of the mask. (This errs on the side of extreme caution as research shows the mask retains its filtration capabilities up to 10 heat sterilisation cycles.)

  • If the ear loops or ties of the mask becomes loose or non-useable.

  • If the mask surfaces are torn or damaged.

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